PCCF National Design Competition

The Peace Corps Commemorative Foundation (PCCF) announces an open, two-stage, national design competition to select an artistically exceptional design concept for a permanent commemorative work in Washington, D.C.  The commemorative work will honor the American ideals expressed and embodied in Peace Corps service.  The competition provides designers from all across the United States an opportunity to create a compelling, truly unique commemorative work of public art that is bold and inspirational.

The challenge of striving for a more peaceful world will never cease to exist.  Fundamental American aspirations motivated creation of the Peace Corps and are expressed through the individual service of Peace Corps volunteers.  This commemorative work is to be an enduring reminder of the American belief, manifested in Peace Corps service, that ordinary people from different parts of the world, living and working together in mutual respect and trust, can transcend differences between them and lay the groundwork for a better and more peaceful world.

The site for the commemorative work is a prominent parcel of federal parkland located near the U.S. Capitol Building and Capitol Grounds, the National Mall and Washington’s historic Union Station.

Stage I of the design competition began Monday March 9, 2015, with the launch of the design competition website, www.PeaceCorpsDesign.net.  The deadline for Stage I registration and design concept submissions is Friday, June 12, 2015.

The competition is open to artists, landscape architects and architects competing as individuals, teams or firms.  Students currently enrolled in university-level programs are also eligible. To learn more about the commemorative work and the design competition, to pre-register (without obligation), or to sign up for updates, click on www.PeaceCorpsDesign.net.  Updates also will be disseminated periodically via Twitter https://twitter.com/PCCF_updates.

The design competition Brief is posted on the competition website as a downloadable, printable PDF.  It summarizes the aspirations of the commemorative work and details the competition process, schedule and provisions; design guidelines; and concept submission requirements.  The website also includes site information, plans, and photographs.


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