Bergstein on Space and Psyche

Mary Bergstein’s (Professor, HAVC)¬†review of SPACE AND PSYCHE: Center 17 (2012: University of Texas Center for Architecture and Design) was published in Psychoanalytic Psychology (2015): 376-380.¬†SPACE AND PSYCHE¬†examines the intersection between architecture and psychoanalysis in the interest of promoting a dialogue that enriches both fields. Nine distinguished authors consider the relationship of architecture to topics such as: the recent advances in neuroscience; the impact of our peripheral vision on our unconscious; and the methodology of applied psychoanalysis to understand socio-architectural phenomena such as intimacy or agoraphobia. Together, these articles employ psychoanalysis to provide new insights into the function, cognition, reception, and effect of architectural design, and vice versa.

Bergstein also presented an evening lecture on “Marcel Proust and Photography” at the Athenaeum of Philadelphia on 22 April.


Architecture, History of Art and Visual Culture, Marcel Proust, Mary Bergstein, neuroscience, News, psychoanalysis

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