Uncreative Practices: A Cross-Divisional RISD Symposium

RISD Museum
Metcalf Auditorium
March 11, 2015, 2-4.30pm

Conversations have been building across RISD around Kenneth Goldsmith’s ideas of uncreativity (Uncreative Writing: Managing Language in the Digital Age, Columbia University Press 2011), and the relevance of process and systems-based generative methodologies (as opposed to notions of inspired and intuitive genius) to current practices in art and design. Accordingly, faculty and students from every RISD division will participate in this discussion with Kenneth Goldsmith, who himself graduated from RISD (BFA Sculpture ‘84), demonstrating how his ideas might be important for the whole school to consider in the light of the “post-media condition” we are often theorized as occupying at the moment.

With presentations by Kenneth Goldsmith (introduced by Lisa Z. Morgan, Digital + Media), Mairéad Byrne (Liberal Arts), Mimi Cabell (Foundation Studies), Jane Long and Aly Ogasian (Graduate Studies), Daniel Peltz (Fine Arts), and Clement Valla (Architecture + Design).

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Organized by Mairéad Byrne, Shona Kitchen, Lisa Z. Morgan, and Clement Valla.  Supported by the RISD 2050 Fund, RISD Department of Digital + Media, RISD Department of Graphic Design, RISD Museum, and RISD Faculty Biennial 2015.  For further information please contact mbyrne@risd.edu

Clement Valla, Daniel Peltz, Kenneth Goldsmith, Lisa Morgan, Mairead Byrne, Mimi Cabell, RISD 2050, Shona Kitchen

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