Strohecker co-edits MIT Press e-book

Carol Strohecker (Vice Provost) is co-editor of an anthology and analysis of white papers received globally from researchers engaging collaborations that span sciences, engineering, arts, and design.

In 2011, the National Science Foundation took a risk by providing funds to encourage dialog among researchers who work broadly across disciplines of sciences, engineering, arts, and design. In 2012, leaders of the resulting SEAD network launched a white papers initiative to address perceived challenges and opportunities for such transdisciplinary work. The global research community responded, with dozens of contributors to more than 50 papers stating actions needed to improve conditions and accelerate benefits of their collaborations. In 2013, Strohecker and co-editors synthesized the themes and suggested actions, structuring them according to similarities of motivation and purpose, and addressing them to specific stakeholders. MIT Press has just published this synthesis report as a Leonardo journal issue and e-book. Strohecker also authored one of the white papers in the anthology.

Carol Strohecker, MIT Press, National Science Foundation, NSF, Vice Provost

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