Knowles presents Techstyle Haus

Jonathan Knowles (Associate Professor, Architecture) lectured at MIT on the 19th of February with two Solar Decathlon students.

The Solar Decathlon project has received further support and publicity recently, being awarded 23,364.00 from the (divisional) Marc Harrison fund this this year. Knowles was also invited to present Techstyle Haus to The North American Passive House Network (NAPHN) at the Portland Maine conference, on Sept. 22. This past fall, he presented Techstyle Haus to the New York City College of Technology Solar Decathlon team. The NYCCT project, DURA Home, was selected for the 2015 solar decathlon. This January, Knowles presented Techstyle Haus to students at the École Nationale Supérieure d’Architecture de Paris-Belleville.

Techstyle Haus was included in multiple publications, including the end-of-year architecture survey in IDEAT Magazine. The project was featured alongside the Frank Gehry Building in Paris amongst other prestigious projects.

IDEAT Contemporary Life, Spécial Architecture, October 2014, La Maison du Textile, par Marie Godfrain


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