Gaetano-Adi’s work selected for Disruption

For the ISEA2015 symposium, Paula Gaetano-Adi’s (Assistant Professor, Foundation Studies) work TZ’IJK has been selected to be part for the exhibition “Disruption”. TZ’IJK is a blind, deaf, and speachless autonomous robotic agent made out of mud. Drawn from the lessons of “mestizaje”, and motivated by Latin America’s anthropophagic, cannibalistic, and hybrid nature, TZ’IJK proposes an alternative approach to the development of embodied artificial life forms and advocates for the integration of high and low technological materials, processes, and cultures.

Consisting of a large mud-covered sphere with an internal robotic mechanism, TZ’IJK establishes a non-reactive and unpredictable bodily interaction with the viewers; and creates the emergence of a new kind of synthetic agent in which its technological hybrid embodiment promotes a rhetoric that allows contradictions and ambiguity, complicating the traditional dichotomies of craft/technology, western/indigenous, modern/ traditional, global/ local, developed/ undeveloped, big-science/ small-science, high/ low, and theory/ practice.

ISEA is one of the world’s most prominent international arts and technology events, bringing together scholarly, artistic, and scientific domains in an interdisciplinary discussion and showcase of creative productions applying new technologies in art, interactivity, and electronic and digital media. The event annually brings together artists, designers, academics, technologists, scientists, and general audience in the thousands. The symposium consists of a peer-reviewed conference, a series of exhibitions, and various partner events—from large scale interactive artwork in public space to cutting edge electronic music performance.


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