Feld lectures and group show in Italy

In late February Gabriel Feld (Professor, Architecture / Chief Critic, EHP) gave a talk titled “Silly Box” at the Syracuse University program in Florence. The “Silly Box” talk is about projects from the last couple of years, installations with Post-it notes, photos of shadows and reflections, little movies and “silly stuff.”

He has been invited to participate in the group show “Arte e Design” at the Temple University Art Gallery in Rome and to make an installation at the Bibliothè Contemporary Art Gallery also in Rome. In early May he will give a talk titled “Reading the City” at the Academy of Fine Arts in Munich. The “Reading the City” talk looks at the relationship between the physical and cultural dimensions of the city, exploring issues such as grain, history, geography, origins and aggregations. Or to put it in simpler terms: “we look at maps and I tell stories.”


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