Co-Works 2015 projects

The following studios and workshops will utilize the new RISD Co-Works space in Spring/Summer 2015:

Convivial Tools: Workshops for Contrivance
The objectives of the three 4-week, 1-credit workshops proposed for Co-Works are to create a shared infrastructure and support affinities of research founded on collaborative working.  A long-term purpose of the pilot of serial 1-credit workshops is the creation of a matrix for “convivial tools” where students using both Co-Works and other facilities and technologies at RISD may choose and combine one-credit workshops in customized three-credit multiples. The workshops combine material processes with critical, historical, and cultural references represented in the texts and theories of Stewart Brand, David Pye, Richard Sennett, Ivan Illich, and others.
Greg Nemes (Architecture)
Bayne Peterson (Sculpture)

Computectonic Assemblies
Computectonic Assemblies is a collaborative research project that focuses on computational design processes and their cyclical relationships to computer numerically controlled machines via material artifacts. This project is an extension of the ongoing research of the RISD Code Studio, merging two research practices into a common computational environment to find novel ways of expanding design practice, artistic inquiry, and design education pedagogy. The following proposal is for an intensive three week project workshop during the summer of 2015 that utilizes the equipment and collaborative work space of the Co-Works facility.
Carl Lostritto (Architecture
Michael Leighton Beaman (Interior Architecture)

This cross-disciplinary studio will focus on designing and building a temporary space for experimental notions of a gallery at the Chace Center for Spring 2015. The studio will develop a cross disciplinary digital design environment that allows students to share in the design, development, testing and construction of the project.
Michael Leighton Beaman (Interior Architecture)
Liliane Wong (Interior Architecture)
Amee Spondike (RISD Museum)

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