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Find support for your research, including updates and new funding opportunities at the RISD Research website. While there, search our improved funding database, SPINPlus to receive notifications that match your unique research interests.

Upcoming Funding Opportunities:

Contemporary American Music Recording Projects

What: This grant supports projects that encourage and improve public knowledge and appreciation of contemporary American music.

When: January 15, 2015
How Much: In general, grants will not exceed $20,000.

Alexia Grant for Professional Photography

What: This grant provides support to produce a substantial body of work that shares the foundation’s goals of promoting world peace and cultural understanding. Still photography and multi-media projects welcome.

When: January 29, 2015
How Much: $20,000.

Cultivating Cultures for Ethical STEM

What: An NSF program that solicits proposals for research that explores the following: ‘What constitutes ethical STEM research and practice? Which cultural and institutional contexts promote ethical STEM research and practice and why?’ They are interested in practices that contribute to the establishment and maintenance of ethical cultures and how these practices can be transferred, extended to, and integrated into other research and learning settings.

When: March 12, 2015
How Much:  The maximum amount for 5-year awards is $600,000 and the maximum amount for 3-year awards is $400,000.


JAR Call for Articles 

What: The Journal for Artistic Research (JAR) welcomes submissions from all fields and disciplines in which artistic research may be relevant, including areas that may not usually be conceived of as ‘artistic’.

When: Submissions due by February 8, 2015


The Future of Book. Michael Carabetta, Design Director at San Francisco-based designer/publisher Chronicle Books, will be on campus January 23-25. In an immersive weekend long workshop, co-sponsored by RISD Research and the Graphic Design Department, students will use new media to reimagine the future of an iconic text. Co-led by Assistant Professor, Ben Shaykin and Critic Christopher Novello, the event is open to students from all departments. For more information contact Eliot Bassett-Cann (ebassett01@risd.edu).

Advance copies of ‘Future Scenarios’, have just been issued. Sponsored by RISD Research and edited by Assistant Professors, Cas Holman and Shona Kitchen, this publication uses the Samsung Research Lab and students’ speculative scenarios for “future of living space” to explore new models of creative inquiry and collective innovation. Copies of the book are available through RISD Research. For more information contact Eliot Bassett-Cann (ebassett01@risd.edu).


Contact Josephine Martell at jmartell@risd.edu to schedule a meeting to discuss grant funded research interests and for general questions about research or to discuss partnering with RISD, contact Eliot Bassett-Cann via research@risd.edu.

Future Scenarios

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