Lye on Designing Designers

Michael Lye (Senior Critic, Industrial Design and NASA Coordinator) was the featured speaker on the first day of the international conference “Projektowanie Projektant√≥w/Designing Designers” at Jana Matejki Academy of Fine Arts in Krak√≥w, Poland.

The conference – celebrating the 50th anniversary of the founding of the first design program in Poland – focused on the education of designers in the face of challenges faced by contemporary design. He spoke as part of the “Beyond the Product: New Ideas in Design” session devoted to projects and designs introducing ideas answering 21st-century challenges in design education: “Contemporary design ever more often does not focus on designing products, joining the discussion of the further prospects for using natural resources, solving civic and social problems, and managing information and interpersonal communication. The traditional divisions into industrial design, visual communication, fashion, and interior design frequently blur, and the students embark on interdisciplinary subjects.”

Lye’s talk, entitled “Enhancing Creativity and Innovation through Extreme Environments” offered a perspective on the role that design and creativity can play in complex, highly constrained technical problems. The presentation discussed the use of the novel and unfamiliar context of extreme environments to foster creativity, imagination, innovation, and encourage effective solutions across a wide range of problems.

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