Osment leads seminar at Modernist Studies Association

Sarah Osment (Lecturer, Literary Arts & Studies) recently led a seminar at the Modernist Studies Association conference in Pittsburgh, Penn., with David Alworth (Harvard University) and Deak Nabers (Brown University).

The seminar, “The Politics of Modernist Abstraction,” explored modernist conceptions of abstraction — and the political projects that attend to and associate with them — across fields and disciplines. They¬†invited papers that address the relationship between abstraction in aesthetic realms and abstractions in realms legal, sociological, anthropological, economic, political, and beyond. The¬†goal was to excavate the connections among various instances of abstraction in order to produce a more systematic account of its political function in modernist thought with the aim to begin to map these out through a focus on the problems and possibilities that abstraction entails.


abstraction, Department of Literary Arts and Studies, Modernist Studies Association, Sarah Osment

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