MASS Design Group & RISD fight Ebola with Design

On November 8th over 60 students from Brown and RISD, faculty and Boston based MASS Design Group convened to ‘Fight Ebola With Design’ in support of USAID’s Grand Challenge.

Ten cross-disciplinary groups generated concepts to redesign the personal protective equipment (PPE) worn by healthcare workers treating the virus, improve communication to affected communities and, offer resources to families and individuals. Dr. Noah Rosenberg, an emergency physician from Brown/Rhode Island Hospital, who is trained for Ebola protection, diagnosis, and treatment, gave a valuable demonstration of the lengthy and hyper-cautious process of dawning and dofting medical gear to avoid contact with any fluids carrying the virus. A series design recommendations were developed, and several were determined to be worthy of further development.  You can view these projects an other images from the day on the OpenIDEO platform.

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