Gerdts article in Topos 88: The Narrative of Landscape

Nadine Gerdts (Senior Critic, Landscape Architecture) has published an article in Topos 88, The Narrative of Landscape, on the recent tent-camera photographs of the contemporary photographer Abelardo Morell.

The articles in this issue of Topos question the narrative of landscape through a range of genres and themes including short stories, films, dramas as well as Morell’s complex photographs, examined in Gerdts’ article, “The Magic of the Ordinary.” Editor Robert Schafer describes the work of understanding landscape narrative as adding meaning to analysis that landscape architects routinely undertake. “This reading adds meaning to the analysis: To discover the non-physical cultural characteristics and retrace their links to the spatial components of a landscape. It is really a question of determining the identity of a place, of discovering the genius loci.” Gerdts links Morell’s photography to the ways landscape architects shape ground in his ability to “craft work that is not always a given.”


Abelardo Morell, Landscape Architecture, Nadine Gerdts, News, TOPOS

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