Borsani’s “The Origin of Clouds”

Alejandro Borsani (Assistant Professor, Foundation Studies) exhibited work “The Origin of Clouds” at the IDEAS_14 Exhibition and participated in a panel (iDMAa & the Arts Today, moderated by Dave Beck) in the context of the International Digital Media and Arts Association 2014 Conference (iDMAa).

This year’s conference will be held at Utah Valley University’s main campus in Orem from November 5-7, 2014. The conference will feature two days of keynotes, academic and industry speakers, live presentations, and a juried art exhibition. There will be topical discussions focused on the future of digital media in industry and evolving pedagogies in academia.

The Origin of Clouds” is a short film inspired by the Cloud Chamber or Camera Nebulosa that was originally built to create artificial clouds in the laboratory and investigate their emergence in the atmosphere. The experiment failed in explaining this phenomenon but enabled the visualization of fundamental particles for the first time. This so-called “failed experiment” became the visual proof of the existence of the sub atomic world. The Origin of Clouds documents the process by which fundamental particles become form and materiality. The visual result is an ever-changing flux of ephemeral shapes with unpredictable occurrence that emphasizes the phenomenon’s organizational logic in space and time.





Alejandro Borsani, Foundation Studies, News

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