Anderson lectures in France and at Oxford

Eric Anderson (Assistant Professor, History of Art and Visual Culture) delivered two papers in France and the U.K. in October.

“Viollet-le-Duc’s Medieval Domesticity”

Paper delivered at the Colloque International: Viollet-le-Duc: Villégiature et architecture domestique, Hendaye, France, 9-10 October, 2014

The paper considered images of medieval castle interiors published by the French architect, restorer, and theorist E. E. Viollet-le-Duc in his 1857 Dictionnaire raisonnee du mobilier francais. The little-studied images presented one of the most influential visions of home decoration and domesticity in nineteenth-century Europe. I argued that Viollet’s images presented a psychological vision of the medieval home, which shaped not only how his contemporaries viewed the medieval past, but how they imagined the modern home and its therapeutic capacity.


“Design Culture in Ringstrasse Vienna: Objects, Vision, and Power”

Invited lecture for the series “Cultures of Power in the Long Nineteenth-Century” at Oxford University, October 13, 2014.

The lecture explored links between decoration and psychology in 1870s Vienna, looking at interiors, writings about design and color, and medical scientific theories of vision. From this multi-disciplinary discourse emerged ideas about both the commercial and emotional power of decoration, with implications for Adolf Loos’s later arguments about the ethics ornament and fashion, as well as Sigmund Freud’s understanding of the therapeutic role of the couch.


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