“Playful learning” with LEGO

Nearly one hundred students turned out on October 18 to explore “playful learning” and LEGO Education tools.  Sponsored by RISD|Research and led by Cas Holman (Assistant Professor, Industrial Design) and Nicole Merola (Associate Professor, Literary Arts and Studies), the workshop was an opportunity for students to take a closer look at learning through play and the role of play in the classroom. LEGO Senior Education Specialist Cathy Helgo and MIT Media Lab/Education Consultant Edith Ackermann captured the audience with talks about the different ways we learn and the digital and analog platforms that provide new ways of interaction and problem solving. The talks were followed by a hands-on workshop with LEGO Education LearnToLearn kits. In the discussion following a flurry of making, students, faculty, and guests thought aloud about the relationships between making and narrative and how LEGO bricks are “catalytic tools for learning, playfulness and discovery.”

To find out more about the two LEGO Education-sponsored courses happening this Wintersession and Spring, please visit our Eventbrite.

If you know you’d like to participate in one or both of the courses, you can go directly to the Google forms for Wintersession and/or Spring. Please complete one or both of the forms; we would like to select the 15 students for Wintersession before registration begins.




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