Fredell work at Dedee Shattuck Gallery

The works of Gail Fredell (Critic, Furniture Design) and Jean-Pierre Hebert will share the Dedee Shattuck Gallery beginning Saturday.

Fredell collects reclaimed beams and beautifully checked wood remnants, incorporating these objects into her furniture making. She is an expert on pickling wood, and uses natural chemicals to celebrate the textures and characteristics of the wood she collects. Inspired by Japanese design and Chinese antique furniture, Fredell creates works in homage to significant places, people, and pieces of wood. She begins with an emotional connection in mind, and the passion and respect for her inspiration comes through clearly in her shrine-like furniture objects.

“Tansu Blue,” a chest made by Gail Fredell
“Tansu Blue,” a chest made by Gail Fredell

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