Exhibitions: Wakaya: Octocorals and Giants + RISD in Rome

RISD in Rome: European Honors Program
September 26 – October 5 @ Woods-Gerry
Opening reception 6:00-7:30 Thursday, September 25

Wakaya: Octocorals and Giants + Beneath the Surface
September 27 – October 3 @ Waterman Gallery, Nature Lab
Closing reception 6:00-7:30 Thursday, October 2
Thanks to Gwen Farrelly, Mark Moscone, Neal Overstrom, and their staffs and collaborators for producing these exhibitions.

As a preview of the Wakaya exhibition, please see the images below. They show the same patterns occurring at hugely different scales in nature: of coral seen through the handheld lens of an aquatic photographer, and of botanical and crystalline forms seen through electron microscopes controlled by RISD students and staff.

Such fractal patterns relate to the basis of an important advance of the 20th century, the understanding of dynamics of complex systems. At the Nature Lab, RISD students can create a personal window into this phenomenon, which is simultaneously visual, scientific, and mathematical — and beautiful!

Screen Shot 2014-08-18 at 6.37.22 AM


EHP, European Honors Program, Nature Lab

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