CO-WORKS Open Call for Projects and Courses

CO-WORKS Open Call for Projects and Courses


CO-WORKS has been developed to provide a facility that can challenge us into new ways of working together around critical making and innovation, as a direct response to an initiative in the Strategic Plan.

The purpose of this pilot space is to bring together different practices, different materials and to merge 2D and 3D practices. It is about networked technologies. The aim is to explore:

·         Collaborating – being able to work together, to bring in otherness and other ideas

·         Community – to look at communities of creative practice, acknowledging but not being bound by tradition

·         Competition –healthy competition and the development of big ideas

·         Cooperation –working together on some aspects of the process

·         Colluding – playing together

·         Combining – combining practices, materials and dimensions

We would like to see what ideas people have for projects that could help us make sense of the space and the systems we need to develop, as well as help us to inquire into issues of co-working.

The CO-WORKS Fellows are one way of trialing how we can target specific proposals for collaborative research grants and the Advanced Manufacturing work we are doing with the City and the State is a way of working with our local community and industries.

Collaborative Projects are another way for us to explore Critical Making.


The projects must draw from more than one department, preferably more than one division, and must aim to explore both new things and new ways of working.

Project durations can be short or long: one-week minimum, to one semester maximum.

The call is open to all students, faculty and staff of Rhode Island School of Design.

Submissions will be reviewed by the Provost Council based on the following criteria:

1.    Clarity of intent

2.    Clarity in the general set up of the project

3.    Collaborative working

4.    Relevance of the inquiry to a broader audience

5.    Practicalities with the current space and logistics of use.

The applications should take the form of a maximum two-page proposal with a clear title, area of inquiry, what makes it collaborative, who the project leads are, needs from the space (equipment and approximate schedule) and how the project is being funded (if you have any questions about budgets please contact Ned Draper). Please submit proposals to and include this Google form as a summary to your proposal:

We would like to conduct a brief interview after each project or course to see how we are making sense of the space.


The equipment in CO-WORKS is being installed, tested and commissioned over the next few weeks. Technical support and systems are being established, with the aim of beginning projects from the start of WinterSession 2015.

Applications for consideration will be reviewed on a first come first serve basis, on the first Tuesday of every month beginning December 2014. We aim to have a quick turnaround of one week from the review date.

As you can appreciate, there will be a lot of logistics to resolve and consider as we look to establish probably a maximum of two projects at any one time in the space. We are leaving this particularly open as we want to encourage new ways of working.

If you have any comments or questions, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Pradeep Sharma
28th October 2014


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