Continuing Education at RISD


‘it is what you read when you don’t have to that determines what you will be when you can’t help it’ Oscar Wilde

Continuing Education at RISD has been quietly delivering a series of year round and summer intensive programs that have reached thousands of people over the years. We have a highly respected pre-college program that introduces students not only to art and design education but also to a RISD education. It has been the platform for many famous careers in art and design over the years. We have a series of adult programs aimed at a broader audience and to develop professional skills for those looking to build careers in art and design. There are more and more opportunities for us to develop continuing education programs that help RISD reach a broader audience in line with our original mission.

This last year Director Rebecca King has been working with Brian Goldberg to make sure that Continuing Education continues to evolve and deliver better and better programs. We have been working on strategies that will help RISD continue to deliver a wider portfolio of high quality programs. This has meant taking a close look at what CE at RISD could and should be and focusing our activities on some key and exciting areas. This will take time, but we also need to ensure that we keep delivering our core portfolio and develop new models for engagement, delivery and marketing.

We are also keen to ensure that Continuing Education is better aligned with the other activities at RISD and is better integrated with Academic Affairs. Continuing Education will provide Academic Affairs with the ability to develop feeder programs, discovery programs and executive programs that will go some way to broadening the portfolio of courses that we offer.

I am very excited to announce that Greg Victory will be taking over from Brian Goldberg as of 1st September 2014 with a view to working with Rebecca King and the team to implement some exciting new ideas, and indeed some exciting old ideas. Greg brings an enormous amount of energy, expertise and knowledge to the area. His recent role with Careers and Student Affairs will provide an excellent bridge across all the areas at RISD and will go a long way towards developing a more joined up organization.

We hope to be able to share more information over the coming months of new courses and new audiences. In the meantime please do not hesitate to talk to Rebecca, Greg or myself about thoughts, ideas and directions that will help make Continuing Education a rich and wonderful experience for new students.

Pradeep Sharma
Acting Provost

Continuing Education

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