Begin’s journey on display

Drawings by Mary Jane Begin (Senior Critic, Illustration) have been made into oversized prints and will be on display as the Fight and Flight Exhibition, in the Bell Room at the State House from October 1 – 21 for Breast Cancer Awareness Month.  For the FLAMES OF HOPE Celebration, they will be displayed in the Gloria Gemma tent, at Station Park across from the State House on Saturday, October 11 where I will be sharing my story from 4:30-5:30 pm. FLAMES OF HOPE: A CELEBRATION OF LIFE™ was created to promote breast cancer awareness and education and to honor people living with breast cancer. It has grown into one of the largest awareness events in the Northeast with three inspirational days of education, support and hope.

The Scarlett Letter C 

When I created this drawing, I no longer felt like a healthy vibrant person, but one whose body was damaged, and would always display the mark of breast cancer. As I come to terms with the battle scars and transformation, I imagine the C as a badge of courage, a reminder that my heart, mind and body … Survived.

Scarlet Letter C- lo r010

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