Kosmider’s “TransJourney” on HuffPost

Alexia Kosmider (Senior Lecturer, Literary Arts + Studies) was featured on the Huffington Post, as her new documentary TransJourney premieres at the Rhode Island International Film Festival.

TransJourney follows Sandra on her cross-country journey to share in the life of her child, formerly her son, now her “new” daughter Annabelle. TransJourney explores three women’s personal journeys and the ways their lives have become intertwined and made stronger because of one another. In 2009 Annabelle transitioned to her new life as a woman in Seattle, Washington, and her mother, Sandra, who lives in Rhode Island, sets out on the cross-country trip to spend time with her daughter. Annabelle has a friend, Shannon, an older transgender woman she met through the meetings they both attended at the Ingersoll Gender Center in Seattle. After Shannon offered to talk to Sandra about any questions she may have, Shannon and Sandra became close friends, but they have yet to meet one another in person. TransJourney is a quest of discovery of family, acceptance and identity.


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