Hlynsky screening at BRIC House

Work by Dennis Hlynsky (Professor, Film / Animation / Video) is included in a BRIC House exhibition, “Screensavers: Travels in Sleep.”

The video series explores the parallels between the imagined landscapes of our minds and the physical landscapes created by our machines when they are turned to ‘sleep’. Such infinite spaces ­– although dormant – live in a perpetual state of repetition, pattern, and abstraction, and are not locked to time or sound. These hypnotic videos search through such endless mazes, and make use of codes, totems, and memory (both of the cerebral and disk space). The series will be screened on the garage door of the gallery space at BRIC House and are free and open to the public, June 23 – July 9, Monday – Friday, 10am – 6pm.


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