Urban Timber exhibition co-curated by Kim

Opening June 26, 2014, Urban Timber: From Seed to City will celebrate wood as the region’s most sensible and abundant choice of material for urban building while highlighting its flexibility and technical qualities.

“We now know that timber is a superior structural building material that should be considered alongside steel and concrete,” explains Yugon Kim (Assistant Professor, Interior Architecture), founding partner of IKD, Associate/Director of TSKP Boston, and co-curator of the exhibition. “The carbon offset and sustainability benefits of wood make it an ever-relevant and timely building material in the urban landscape.”

Urban Timber: From Seed to City will show that recent developments—including numerous successful implementations of timber as primary structural for midrise buildings in Europe—point to a different future. The exhibition will include a winning installation from the Timber New England competition, a number of case studies, examples of existing wood technology and recent material innovations in the many kinds of engineered timber available to the building industry today.

URBAN TIMBER: From Seed To City

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