‘Roaring 1920s in Poland’ with Gizycki

Marcin Gizycki (Senior Lecturer, HAVC) was a key speaker at the conference ‘Roaring 1920s in Poland’ at the University of Illinois in Chicago, IL (April 7-8, 2014).

The Polish 1920s were a period of both tremendous promise and profound dislocation. After years of devastating war and over a century of partition, Polish society embarked on a bold project of self-creation, a process of reunifying what had been divided and projecting broad outlines for future development that came to be seen as a kind of resurrection. The conference brought together scholars of the interwar period to explore this pivotal decade in an interdisciplinary context. Gizycki’s presentation focused on Polish cinema in the 1920s.

Additionally, Gizycki’s film ‘FFF1’ received the Best Experimental Short Award at the IFS FILM FESTIVAL (Independent Filmmakers Showcase) in Los Angeles. The Award Ceremony will take place on May 29, 2014 at Laemmle’s Music Hall Cinema in Beverly Hills.


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