New England Animation at the ICA Boston

The ICA Boston is hosting a curated selection of animation films in the New England Animation Festival. Included are a number of RISD related filmmakers, including faculty, students and alumni. Filmmakers include Steven Subotnick (Critic, Film/Animation/Video), Lorelei Pepi (Critic, Film/Animation/Video), Daniel Sousa (Critic, Film/Animation/Video), Lily Featherson (12 FAV), Eric Ko (13 FAV), Africanus Okokon (13 FAV), Leah Artwick (13 ILLUS), Sonnye Lim (13 FAV), and Phillip Ahn (13 FAV).

Remaining screening dates and times are Sunday, May 25, 3 PM, and Monday, May 26, 3 PM.

film still from "Happy & Gay" by Lorelei Pepi (FAV faculty)
film still from “Happy & Gay” by Lorelei Pepi (FAV faculty)

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