Benamor Duarte prototype at Torino Mini Maker Faire

Eduardo Benamor Duarte’s (Assistant Professor, Interior Architecture) Cork Aperture Screen (CAS) project will be exhibited at the Torino Mini Maker Faire curated by Bruce Sterling and FabLab Torino.

The Torino Mini Maker Faire is the event dedicated to both digital and non digital manual creativity. Organized by Officine Arduino, Toolbox Coworking and Fablab Torino, it’s the first maker faire in the town of Mole Antonelliana and will be an event open to all: curious, newsbies, kids, inventors of all sizes. Created in the United States in 2006, the Maker Faires over the years have become a not-to-be-missed event for anyone looking for a way to have quick picture of creative projects and innovative ideas of the moment.

Cork Aperture Screen (CAS) is a space divider that dims sight and sound in response to human movement. The research draws on the intrinsic acoustical and elastic properties of cork composites to absorb sound and to bend under relative pressure.

The research project was developed in two prototyping phases. Phase 1 (Parametric Interface & Physical Actuator) consisted on shape optimization connecting deformation data of a physical model to a computer model. The physical model was constructed with a sheet of composite cork panel to further measure the degree of flexibility to pressure under the power of external electrical forces. The parametric modeling information was transmitted as electrical output to a physical model allowing for a real-time data flow and reversible shape optimization between the parametric model and the flexibility of the physical model. Phase 2 research was drawn from an online community of users working on the development of Firefly, a set of comprehensive software tools dedicated to bridge the gap between Grasshopper, the Arduino micro-controller (an open-source micro controller to make the application of interactive objects or environments more accessible).

Design and Computation:

Eduardo Benamor Duarte – Assistant Professor I Interior Architecture RISD
Physical Prototyping and Interactivity:
Iok Wong – MArch Candidate – RISD
Video and Visual Representation:
Eun-Kyoung Shin -MDes Candidate – RISD
Research with Support of Division of Graduate Studies + Research, RISD

Cork Aperture Screen (CAS)
Cork Aperture Screen (CAS)

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