Yeadon exhibited at “Storefront for Art and Architecture”

Architectural competitions often don’t address the most pressing and relevant needs of local communities, and architects are usually limited to satisfying the stringent requirements of the competition brief. So as a response, the Storefront for Art and Architecture in New York City organized the “Competition of Competitions” competition in 2013, for which their jury recently selected Peter Yeadon (Associate Professor, Interior Architecture) as a finalist.

Storefront’s intention was to demonstrate how competitions might “provide and deliver new and relevant forms of engagement and content to the economic, politic and social systems that currently act as the voice of authority for the development of our cities.” They intend to send letters to prominent leaders around the world, and asked interdisciplinary teams to “formulate the questions of our time and define the agents that should pursue the task to ask and commission the visions for the future in the form of a competition brief.”

Yeadon’s entry, BLISS: Better Living through Intuitive Soft Surveillance, focused on how architecture might balance the public benefits of expanded surveillance via inconspicuous, non-weaponized, micro air vehicles (MAV drones), and the desire for privacy. The work was selected by Amale Andraos (Architect, Work AC), Paola Antonelli (Architecture Curator, MoMA), and Michael Sorkin (Architect and architecture critic) to be exhibited amongst eighteen finalists. Winners will be announced at the exhibition opening on April 29th. The exhibition runs until May 24th.


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