Professional Development Fund awards announced

The Professional Development Fund Committee met mid-April to review project proposals submitted for its Spring 2014 funding cycle. The Committee received requests for over $90,000 in support. The Committee is pleased to announce the following awards to:

Alba Corrado, Senior Critic, Foundation Studies, for casting of her bronze Sophia sculpture

Nicola DePace, Senior Critic, Landscape Architecture, for his study of Scarpa’s flood prevention measures in Venice and Canaletto’s representations of subsiding Venetian lagoons

Eduardo Duarte, Assistant Professor, Interior Architecture, for his community workshop and play and stack event in the First Street Garden Park, NYC

Edward Dwyer, Professor, History, Philosophy and Social Sciences, for his documentation of Paracas mummy bundles and repatriation of traditional Q’ero textiles to Peru
Katharina Galor, Lecturer, History of Art and Visual Culture, for her fieldwork and research toward the completion of her book, Finding Jerusalem: Archaelogy Between Science and Politics

Avishek Ganguly, Assistant Professor, Literary Arts and Studies, for his archival research in Great Britain on G Wilson Knight and Nigerian author Wole Soyinka

Marcin Gizycki, Senior Lecturer, History of Art and Visual Culture, for completion of his documentary on performances and the history of The American Magic Lantern Theater

Alexia Kosmider, Senior Lecturer, Literary Arts and Studies, for post-production costs for her documentary, TransJourney, about a circle of female friends which include a woman who left her life as a biological man

Alexis Canter, Critic, Landscape Architecture, for her research on the landscapes of innovation and innovation districts in Barcelona, Pittsburgh, Philadelphia and Boston

Norm Paris, Associate Professor, Foundation Studies, for his development of a monumental sculpture that will explore multiple states of a sculpture that could exist

Daniel Peltz, Associate Professor, Film/Animation/Video, for production of a video of a Chinese opera he is collaborating on based on the transnational flow of people and resources in the mining town of Tom Price, Western Australia

Stefanie Pender, Assistant Professor, Foundation Studies, for her research on Synthetic Geology, a glass project that will expedite and emulate geologic processes

Masha Ryskin, Critic, Foundation Studies, for her body of work on the sense of place to be further developed with non-toxic processes and materials at her Zea Mays residency

Anita Starosta, Lecturer, Literary Arts and Studies, for her research in Poland on Jozef Tischner, philosopher, priest, and public intellectual allied with Solidarity

Peter Yeadon, Associate Professor, Interior Architecture, for his experimentation with biodegradable electronics manufactured from waste
Deborah Zlotsky, Assistant Professor, Foundation Studies, for her production of large scale works during her 2-month Bemis Foundation residency

Kevin Zucker, Associate Professor, Painting, for CNC laser engraving of his large scale, layered paintings of melancholy resorts

The Professional Development Committee is chaired by Pradeep Sharma, Provost. The 2013/14 members were Tom Mills (Professor, Foundation Studies), Ellen Petraits (Research and Instruction Librarian), Pascale Rihouet (Lecturer, History of Art and Visual Culture), Christopher Rose (Term Appt, Furniture Design), Craig Taylor (Assistant Professor, Painting).

Proposals for the Fall 2014 funding cycle will be due the first Wednesday of November (November 5, 2014). Tracie Costantino, Assistant Dean of Faculty, is available to work with faculty individually on proposals for this and other internal funding opportunities.

Deborah Zlotsky, 2013

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