Leski is Tracing the Creative Arc

Kyna Leski (Professor, Architecture) has actively engaged in discussions of the creative process this year:

On January 29th as the “Kossman Lecturer” for 2013/2014 at Penn State’s Stuckeman School of Architecture, Professor Leski talked about the associative logic behind all creative discovery, siting several examples in Science and the Arts in her lecture: “Tracing the Creative Arc: Connecting, Coherence & Cohesion.”

On April 9th as part of the Sacramento Festival of the Arts, Kyna Leski spoke about the process that comes out of the specific conditions, content and forces of each project’s situation––and generates a unique design response. The work of 3six0 Architecture, the practice that she shares with Professor Chris Bardt, is currently on exhibit at the Department of Design at Sacramento State University.

Kyna Leski has been invited by the Five Colleges (as part of a new Five College Architectural Studies major shared by Hampshire College, Amherst College and UMass Amherst) to mentor a “Creative Production Group” on April 29th to explore “the structures and practices that have led to successful projects, as well as the avenues through which these creative producers have disseminated their work.”

Friday, May 2, from 6:30-8:30pm, both Professors Kyna Leski and Mairéad Byrne (Professor, Literary Arts + Studies) will give readings in the RISD Writing Center. Kyna Leski will be reading a selection of her Creative Non-Fiction and Professor Byrne will be reading her poetry.

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