Design Museum London’s Design of the Year Awards 2014

Andy Law (Associate Professor, Industrial Design) has nominated several designs for the Design Museum London’s Design of the Year Awards 2014.  The nominations included the Bradley Timepiece, a successful Kickstarter funded watch for the blind designed by RISD Alumnus David Zacher MID’12. All the brand identity work was designed by another RISD Alumna Amanda Sim, MFA GD’13.

Andy’s catalog description of the project: “The Bradley is a watch for the blind whose touchable ball bearings travel around orbit of the face to indicate the time. Beyond its functional value, distinctive looks, and affordability, the Bradley also illustrated a game-changing solution to small-market product development—namely Kickstarter—can be support universal design. The Bradley’s designers raised over a half-million US dollars from prospective users, inviting them into the development process and moving easily from idea to product without taking huge risks. More significantly perhaps, they demonstrate the difference between a business start-up and a design project—the first strives for scalable, predictable revenue, the second aspires to innovation.”

The Bradley Timepiece

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