RISD Code Studio now open

The Code Studio supports and houses teaching, scholarship and research relating to computing at RISD. Our agenda is technical, critical, and cultural. We facilitate the learning and practice of computer programming by building and nurturing skills and knowledge. This includes writing in the languages of programming (coding), programming concepts and strategies, and the exploration of the implications computation has on how we learn, make, and perceive art and design.

We acknowledge and embrace the fact that computing does not begin nor end with programming. Although we delve deeply into programming as a craft, we also aim to further visual computing, computing by drawing, and the capacity of the human mind, eye and hand to compute.

At RISD we’re positioned across, not within, intellectually and culturally diverse departments. This allows us to fruitfully collaborate on projects, workshops, symposia, and courses, which lead to exhibits, publications, knowledge, and discourse. Because of this cross-disciplinary position, our work uniquely addresses and furthers questions of computing theory and practice, which are relevant and useful internally at RISD and externally to academic and professional communities.

In the Spring, the Code Studio will be embarking on a event series and corresponding community-authored publication supported by the RISD 2050 Fund.

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Architecture, Code Studio, computing, Graphic Design, programming

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