Cieri on “Sea-Level in Boston”

Marie Cieri (Critic, Graduate Studies; Lecturer, HPSS) will present a paper on “Sea-Level in Boston: A Geographic Art Intervention” during the Annual Meeting of the Association of American Geographers (AAG) April 8-12, 2014 in Tampa, FL. As stated in Cieri’s paper abstract, “Recent maps of potential sea-level rise in Boston show significant loss of land, especially in those areas where land was ‘made’ over the last 380 years. Investigation of the past, present and possible future of the land underneath the South Boston Bridge is the focus my paper, as is a geographic/artistic intervention I hoped to realize near the bridge in 2015.” This intervention is the first in a series she envisions for billboards in areas of landfill around Boston over the next several years to call attention to possible consequences of anthropogenic climate change as well as to the potential fate of land building in this and other cities abutting major bodies of water around the globe.

“Sea-Level Rise in Boston: A Geographic Art Intervention” was accepted as part of the AAG’s Featured Theme for 2014, “Geographies of Climate Change;” she will present it during a session on April 12 focused on the socio-ecological impacts of climate change in several international locations.


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