Call for proposals, RISD 2050 Fund

We are pleased to announce a second call for proposals from faculty, undergraduates in their final year, and graduate student applicants for projects that:

● imagine the future of art and design education for RISD, and

● promote RISD as the leading voice in art and design globally

The essential goal of the RISD 2050 Fund is to imagine our future and stimulate the landscape of possibilities for art and design education, always recognizing RISD’s core values of critical making and critical thinking.

We are grateful to trustee Susan Dryfoos for launching this fund.

Explorations in many forms are encouraged; we welcome collaborative experiments, integrative approaches, multisensory investigations, “stories” that emanate from scholarly and/or creative research, courses, projects, works of art, events, and Wintersession workshops or courses.

We encourage proposals that stimulate dialogue about the future of our academic programs, and that suggest ways to advance our mission. RISD remains committed to our core values and mission as an institution of artists, designers and scholars, critical makers and thinkers, advancing our role in the world. Only projects that present broad institutional benefit, rather than individual interests, will be considered.

Why this matters now

Current issues in higher education, including increasing tuition costs, the perception of the value of art and design education, technology and how it is transforming teaching and learning, the changing demographics of college-age students, and the evolving nature of disciplines deep at RISD’s core raise many inspiring and challenging questions about the future of our institution. The 2050 Fund is intended to help seed projects, and provide supportive funding, to generate and explore these complex and dynamic questions.

Proposal Guidelines

To facilitate your proposal development, there will be an information session on Wednesday, March 19th, 11:30-1:00 pm, Faculty Lounge.

Faculty, graduate students and undergraduate students in their final year of study should submit proposals, not to exceed 750 words, by April 9th. Guidelines are purposely nonspecific and open, designed to encourage individual interpretation of the opportunity. Some general parameters:

● Proposals must include a timeline, preferably anticipating completion by 12/31/14

● Proposals can be individual or collaborative

● Proposals must include a detailed budget

● The grant recipient(s) must document all funded work in a suitable form. For example, works of art must be photographed and accompanied by descriptive information, courses must be summarized with examples of student work, projects and events must be documented through written materials, images, or a web-based archive

● Funding will be allocated in two payments, with the final payment paid when complete documentation is received.

● Course proposals require endorsement of the relevant Department Head(s). They may be scheduled for academic year 2014-15 with respect given to appropriate teaching loads and course table development.

The documentation of these funded works will constitute the beginning of an archive, a sort of “time capsule” that we will create and build on as we explore the future of art and design education.

The budget for proposals should not exceed $10,000. Smaller project budgets are also welcome and encouraged. A jury comprised of members of the Provost’s Council, two faculty members, one-two ex-officio guest and trustee jurors will review projects for consideration.

We look forward to hearing your ideas.

Tracie Costantino

Assistant Dean of Faculty (


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