Andrew W. Mellon Faculty Fellowships awarded

Congratulations to Jan Baker (Professor, Graphic Design) and Nancy Friese (Professor, Teaching + Learning in Art + Design), who have been awarded Andrew W. Mellon Faculty Fellowships for academic years 2014-2015 and 2015-2016. During the two-year appointment, each Andrew W. Mellon Faculty Fellow will be resident in a curatorial department, with the expectation of learning the collection and conducting research related to it and to his or her area of expertise. Jan Baker will be working in the RISD Museum’s Department of Costumes & Textiles and Nancy Friese will be working in the Department of Prints, Drawings & Photographs.

The Mellon Faculty Fellowships are designed to engage faculty members from across disciplines in research, teaching, and public engagement through the RISD Museum’s collection. Research should enhance the Faculty Fellow’s work and teaching practices, as well as the educational mission of the curatorial department and the Museum overall.

During the fellowship period, each Faculty Fellow will lead a workshop for colleagues in order to share research methods and results, as well as pedagogical approaches to teaching and learning with and from objects. Upon completion of the appointment, each Fellow will also make a presentation to staff and faculty about this work.


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