Zlotsky Work Included in “abstract”

Work by Deborah Zlotsky (Assistant Professor, Foundation Studies) is included in a four-person show, “abstract,” at Marcia Wood Gallery in Atlanta, Ga., through January 28, 2014.

“I draw and paint for the same reason I read a good novel: to enjoy the unraveling of finding out what happens,” says Zlotsky. “When I begin a work, I start with something both accidental and familiar — a few colors, a few shapes or smears, a memory of a tangled pile of laundry or the movement of sunlight through my grandmother’s apartment. These initial colors and shapes begin a process of discovering unintended proximities and relationships, of finding logic and meaning in the unique situation that emerges. Accidents repeatedly redirect me, blurring my understanding of the difference between accident and intention. I look for anomalies as I rearrange, reassemble and make myriad adjustments. Eventually, the confusion of relationships slipping out of balance begins to create new structures and forms. These shifts and accumulations become a way for me to respond to the necessity of change, and the beauty and complexity of living. As I work, my process both brings me closer to and gives me distance from the friction between intention and coincidence, subtle forces which shape my understanding of being in the world.”



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