Wintersession 2015

Several questions have come up regarding changes in Wintersession. Additional information is provided below.

• The five-week Wintersession has been extended for one additional year to 2015 as voted by the faculty at the November 6, 2013 meeting.

• For Wintersession 2015, students will only be allowed to take one course, as was strongly encouraged by the faculty in May 7, 2008. There will be exceptions only for students who need to fulfill graduation credit requirements by petition with permission from their Department Head.

• For Wintersession 2015, instructors can choose to offer courses that meet for the full 5 weeks, or for 4 weeks with a one-week, non-credit, faculty originated project, event, workshop with a visiting artist, or other opportunity, provided that they to meet for the appropriate number of contact hours for a 3-credit course: 36 hours for seminar or lecture courses and 60 hours for studio courses. 6-credit travel courses meet for 120 contact hours.

o Five weeks of instruction as outlined by the faculty member

o Four weeks of instruction as outlined by the faculty member with the fifth week to be used for events.

• By limiting students to one class each during Wintersession as originally intended students are afforded the opportunity to participate in a variety of campus events in the fifth week.

• This pilot builds on existing Wintersession course models, such as the 4-week travel courses, and offers faculty the opportunity to explore innovative ways of organizing their Wintersession courses for greater experimentation and immersion.



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