Strickland on “Beyond Spheres”

Anna Strickland (Senior Critic, Photography) will give a talk on “Beyond Spheres” with Edward Earle, Curator of International Center of Photography, Tuesday, December 3, 2013 at the Tenri Cultural Institute.

The Beyond Spheres project by Koichiro Kurita is inspired by the literature of Henry David Thoreau and attempts to visually explore Thoreau’s philosophy regarding the relationship between nature and humanity. Kurita retraces the steps of Thoreau as he traveled throughout the landscapes of New England region during the mid-19th century. Kurita uses his 8×10 camera to make negatives on paper employing an early photographic process from this same time period invented by the British polymath, William Henry Fox Talbot. The resultant albumen prints allow us to reconnect to our world and find harmony and balance among all living things.

Anna Strickland, Henry David Thoreau, News, Photography, Tenri Cultural Institute

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