Scanlan Presents in Rome

Suzanne Scanlan (Lecturer, History of Art and Visual Culture) recently participated in an interdisciplinary conference in Rome, “Early Modern Rome 2, 1341-1667.”

The conference, organized by the University of California Education Abroad Program, brought together those whose research focuses on the city of Rome and the Roman countryside, to encourage scholars to venture outside of their own disciplinary parameters to enter into dialogue with others and explore concurrent forms of cultural production or social and political events. Scanlan presented a paper entitled “Death Did Not Become Her: Memorializing Women in Early Modern Rome,” which was based on research conducted in Rome last summer. The paper is part of a larger project on the commemoration of lay women in early modern Italy. Her research was funded by a RISD Professional Development Grant.

Early Modern Rome

History of Art and Visual Culture, Rome, Suzanne Scanlan

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