Presentation of the Artists’ Prospectus for the Nation

Artists in Context
Presentation of the Artists’ Prospectus for the Nation
Thursday, November 14, 6:00-7:30 p.m.
Design Center Room 212

Join Artists in Context (AIC) Co-Director and Prospectus curator Marie Cieri (Lecturer, Graduate Studies) and Patricia Phillips (Dean, Graduate Studies and Research) to explore projects that have been selected for the first edition of the Prospectus, focused on issues of Health, Justice, Nature and Consumption. Marie and Patricia will discuss the rationale for the Prospectus as well as its long-term goals.

The artists who have contributed to the Artists’ Prospectus for the Nation share a strong desire to find alternative approaches to issues and to entrenched ways of doing things that challenge contemporary human societies here and around the globe. By bringing their aesthetic modes of inquiry to real-world situations, these artists show us the value of drawing on knowledge from other fields and moving beyond conventional, often conflict-laden modes of problem-solving.

The Prospectus, the main project of Artists in Context, is a curated, multimedia collection of works through which artists, in collaboration with creative thinkers from other fields (community activists, teachers, planners, farmers, cooks, scientists, geographers, sanitation workers, shop owners, historians, doctors, clergy, plumbers, bankers, librarians etc.), propose innovative ways they and others might intervene in major debates on global, national and local/regional scales. Incorporating various visuals, texts, objects and participatory elements, the purpose of the Prospectus is to raise the visibility and influence of remarkable work being done through this cross-disciplinary and engaged type of practice. Further, it is to proclaim that art that’s useful can still be art. After all, isn’t one of art’s fundamental purposes to help us see and think differently about people, things and situations so we might develop new perspectives?

The more than 30 artists who worked on the 18 projects in this first installment of the Artists’ Prospectus for the Nation deal with a range of issues – primary are those relating to the environment, health, consumption and justice, with secondary focus on nations, learning, beliefs and shelter. In each case, their “artful” way of knowing uncovers the personal, imaginative, ethical and passionate aspects of an issue without which we cannot fully understand it, never mind work toward a healthier, more just and sustainable approach towards it.

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