ISE Webinar “Education for Global Peace”

The Office of Intercultural Student Engagement invites you to participate in the next installation of the Commission for Global Dimensions of Student Development‘s free webinar series. The series is produced by the American College Personnel Association.

Please rsvp to or call Max Kaplan at 401-277-4957.


Global Dimensions of Student Development “Dial-a-Dialogue” Series

“Education for Global Peace”

Dr. Jing Lin, presenter

Wednesday, December 4, 1:00 pm EST

RISD Location will be the TAP room

The “Dial-a-Dialogue” series features a speaker approximately once each month. The next presenter in the series is Dr. Jing Lin, who will speak on the topic of education for global peace. Dr. Lin is a Professor in International Education Policy at University of Maryland. She has done extensive research on peace education and environmental education, resulting in her books, Love, Peace and Wisdom in Education: Vision for Education in the 21st Century(2006), Educators as Peace Makers: Transforming Education for Global Peace (2008), Spirituality, Religion, and Peace Education (2010), and Transformative Eco-Education for Human and Planetary Survival (2012). She is also the co-editor of two book series, one on Peace Education, and the other on Transforming Education for the Future. Also an expert on Chinese education, Dr. Lin has published five books on Chinese education, culture and society, systematically examining educational changes in China in the last three decades.

Dr. Lin’s CV can be found here.

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