Somerson Lecture at IYRS

On November 1, 2013, Rosanne Somerson (Provost) joins the International Yacht Restoration School’s (IYRS) annual fall lecture series featuring four highly regarded New England makers working in very different fields. The collective series celebrates the diversity of great craft and the passion, technique and thinking behind it.

Great craftsmanship comes in many arts and forms. Somerson’s lecture will address “Learning through Making” – the importance of hands-on learning in both education and in America today.

When we make things, we tap into a deeper experience of learning. Ms. Somerson will demonstrate curricular principles through student works and examples of her own. In this “Learning Through Making” presentation, participants will come to understand the importance of immersive making and its role in developing creative conceptual practice. Somerson will showcase works that feature the importance of hands-on learning that is at the heart of the missions of both IYRS and RISD.

critical making, IYRS, Rosanne Somerson

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