Louise Kohrman: New Work

An exhibition by Louise Korhman (Critic, Printmaking), “Louise Kohrman: New Work,” is on view through November 2, 2013.

This solo exhibition presents a singular installation of works on paper, constructed of several hundred yellow etchings (printed on translucent and luminous gampi paper) cut out by hand. Each printed element varies in size from 2” in diameter to 7” in diameter and is pinned to the wall allowing space behind each form so that the prints appear to hover away from the wall surface.

Louise Kohrman is an artist living and working in Western Massachusetts. Her studio practice focuses on drawing, etching and installation. Delicacy, intricacy, and attention to detail serve as foundations of her work. Through obsessive use of pattern and repetition, subtle colors and luminous materials, she creates work that explores mapping, structures, multiplicity, interconnectedness and the present moment. Recent work presents a fascination with the circle as a vehicle for obtaining balance and harmony and is used to represent endlessness, completeness and perfection. Her work also plays with ideas of obsession, accumulation and dispersion.

This exhibition is supported in part by a grant from the Rhode Island School of Design Professional Development Fund.

The Sanford Gallery @ Zea Mays Printmaking
Florence, MA

Kohrman New Work

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