Live Streaming of 2013 AICAD Conference

The 2013 AICAD Symposium will focus on the premise that the cultural, technological, and economic conditions affecting art and design education today argue for bold new approaches in the form and organizational framework of its delivery as well as its content. Several members of the RISD community will be attending and presenting at this year’s conference.

The conference will be streamed live over the world-wide web to reach the widest possible audience. The plenary remarks, all of the presentations and at least one of the seminars during each segment will be live streamed and archived.

To watch the conference from your location, simply log on to and click the icon on the home page for the live stream. You will be asked to enter your email address in order to log on. A dialog box will appear below the video so that you can send comments and questions to the presenters and conference organizers.


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