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An interview with Bill Foulkes (Critic, Industrial Design) is featured today on In the article, Foulkes makes the argument that artists and designers have a greater-than-typical understanding of customer needs.

“Most companies think of customer-focused as having terrific data and terrific reliability and predictability about their customer,” Foulkes says. “But the best companies are always a little bit ahead of their customers. It’s like a high-wire act. You have to simultaneously be in touch with your customer and know them in the present, while always trying to understand where they’re going to go in the future. At RISD we have these classes called critiques where artists are constantly critiquing each other’s works. And they say frequently, ‘What does this work want to become?’ It’s a great phrase and mindset that can apply to businesses. They need to be constantly asking the same question about their customers.”

Foulkes will speak more about design thinking skills at “Conversations on the Future of Business” in Chicago, October 10, 2013.


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