Congdon at kijidome

Work by Dennis Congdon (Professor, Painting) is included in kijidome’s first show, which opened October 12, 2013.

October 12 – November 8
Opening Reception: Saturday, October 12, 6 – 8 pm

“S01E01,” a reference to pilot episodes of TV shows (Season 1 Episode 1), is kijidome’s first curatorial collaboration to launch its founding and to set a spirited, open-ended stage for its upcoming events. The three artists in this exhibition—Congdon, Oliver Herring and Elizabeth Riley—thrive on practices based on regeneration by incorporating or referencing their previous works. By engaging in a self-reflective and transformative process, the objects and videos by these artists reveal the particularities of their decisions within the fluid narrative of their practice, punctuating their ongoing play with visually stunning, idiosyncratic forms.

Congdon’s paintings depict forsaken ruins of his own paintings as well as those of his influences amidst other cultural detritus. Beginning with drawings made directly on the canvas from handmade stencils, Congdon builds his work in an intuitive manner that freely references images from the history of art as well as from his own studio.

kijidome is an experimental project space and collaborative founded by four artists: Sean Downey, Carlos Jiménez Cahua, Lucy Kim and Susan Metrican. Located in Boston’s South End, the space presents curatorial projects and events by its four founders and invited guests.


59 Wareham Street

Unit 1A

Boston, MA 02118


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