2014 Award & 2015 Deadline – Turner Theatrical and Performance Design Project

The Robert Turner Theatrical and Performance Design Project at RISD was established to support the teaching of interdisciplinary courses that integrate various elements of theatrical and performance design.

2014 Turner Award
Congratulations to Jane South (Critic, Sculpture), Michael McGarty (Critic, Interior Architecture), and independent dancer and artist Li Jun Lai, on their multi-disciplinary studio and partnership with the Providence Ballet Theater (PBT). The group will develop sets and costumes for the premier production of the “The Magic Box” by PBT Artistic Director Eva Marie Pacheco and Rhode Island composer Roger Seitz. The 2014 Wintersession course will provide RISD students a rare opportunity to work in collaboration with a highly experienced community ballet company as they imagine, block, and refine this original production. The studio will begin by familiarizing the students with precedent studies in ballet theater, physical workshops to introduce the theatrical connection between body and space, as well as the fundamental principles of stagecraft. While the specific creative product of the studio will be determined through collaboration with the ballet, initial discussions imagine a non-figural, sculptural assemblage, an inanimate performing presence that, through the course of the piece and its interaction with the movements of the dancers, is transformed, in expressive sync with a narrative libretto.

2015 Turner Award
Proposals for Wintersession 2015 courses must be submitted via email by December 13, 2013 to Vice Provost Carol Strohecker: <cstrohec@risd.edu>. Please refer to the guidelines and include all required information with your proposal.

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