research @ RISD

Patricia C. Phillips, Dean of Graduate Studies and Research
CIT – 169 Weybosset Street, 2nd floor
or 6134

RISD has a long history of working with industry and corporations, higher education, and non-profit partners to advance the research interests of the faculty and enrich the educational experience of undergraduate and graduate students. Research activities take place within and adjacent to the curriculum and frequently is supported by grants from private foundations, corporate partners, and federal, state, and local agencies. In an effort to create a more coordinated and “friendly” way for faculty to access information about funding opportunities to advance their research and provide pre-award and post-award support for research @ RISD, a RISD Research Center is located in CIT (2nd floor), a center for graduate education at 169 Weybosset Street. Faculty may contact the Dean of Graduate Studies and Research for general questions and guidance or fill out a form on research interests and objectives available on the Academic Affairs website.  Faculty members are encouraged to enroll in SPINPlus, a database that aligns research interests with potential sources of funding.  The research interests of graduate students often are aligned through research assistantships with faculty, informal research clusters, and an annual Graduate Studies Grants.  The Career Center helps undergraduate students develop research interests through internships and other opportunities.  And undergraduates have opportunities to participate in both discipline-based and interdisciplinary-partnered studios.

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