Saito Contribution to Artification

Yuriko Saito (Professor, HPSS) was recently¬†interviewed by a contributor to Viewpoint, a Dutch magazine with international circulation dedicated to design issues. Her ideas regarding “artification” were incorporated in the article on this subject published in the spring/summer issue of Viewpoint. Artification is a recently emerging strategy among various fields, such as medicine, science, business, and education, to incorporate art or art-like thinking in their practice. She participated in the four-year project on this issue funded by the Finnish government, which included two lectures in Finland and co-editing and publishing a collection of 14 essays from international scholars as a special volume of Contemporary Aesthetics (2012). Read the Viewpoint¬†article.


artification, HPSS, News, Philosophy, Viewpoint, Yuriko Saito

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