Petrovich and White Selected for Biennial Exhibition

Dushko Petrovich (Critic, Painting) and Roger White (Critic, Painting) have just been selected for the deCordova Biennial.

Established in 1950, deCordova Sculpture Park and Museum is the largest park of its kind in New England encompassing 30 acres, 20 miles northwest of Boston. Providing a constantly changing landscape of large-scale, outdoor, modern and contemporary sculpture and site-specific installations, the Sculpture Park hosts more than 60 works, the majority of which are on loan to the Museum. Inside, the Museum features a robust slate of rotating exhibitions and innovative interpretive programming.

The 2013 deCordova Biennial is a survey exhibition focused on emphasizing quality, dynamism, and variety rather than any single or overarching theme. Highlighting 21 artists and collaboratives living and working in New England, the exhibition displays a diverse range of approaches to media and content. It occupies nearly the entirety of the Museum and also extends into the Sculpture Park. The exhibition is a sprawling entity that demonstrates the active, ambitious art scene taking place across the six states of New England.

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